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     The Rroma Social-Cultural Foundation "Ion Cioaba" offers to the interested persons the possibility to collaborate in the production of documentary and artistic films.

     The Rroma Social-Cultural Foundation "Ion Cioaba" is in search of partners for the production of an artistic film regarding the Holocaust of the Rroma in Romania.

     The Rroma Social-Cultural Foundation "Ion Cioaba" is in search of partners to finance a project regarding a Rromano folklore collection.

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 Conversation Guide


     We are indebted by means of culture te reveal the genocid of the Roma extermination in Europe, in the World War II. We are indebted to those who suffered and those who were exterminated because of the rasial reasons.
We are indebted to our grand parents and our relatives, to bring them flowers tears, and a saint memory.

Romano language


English Language

Droboi tu!

Good Morning!

Lašo des!

Good Evening!

Mai laši ti reat!

Good night!

Mišto arakhlem tu!

I’m glad to see you

Mišto avilean!


Sar bušos?

What’s your name?

Me bušoau Verdeana

My name is Verdeana.

Fal ma mišto te prinjeanau tu!

I’m glad to meet you!

Tu sar bušos?

And you, what’s your name?

Me bušoau Toma

My name is Toma.

Katar san ?

Where are you from?

Kai bešes akana ?

Where are you living this moment?

Anda savo cem san?

What country are you from?

Me akana bešeau ando Sibio

I’m living in Sibiu now!

Da kana avilean ande Romania ?

When did you arrived in Romania?

Avilem da dui kurka.

I came two weeks ago.

Jeanes romanes ?

Do you speak romanes?

Ci jeanau mišto

I don’t know very well

Sar fal tu amaro cem ?

How do you like our country?

E Romania si but šukhar

Romania is very beautiful.

Si tu ceacimos !

You’re right

So mai karas?

How are you?



Si tuka bokh?

Are you hungry?

Nai manga bokh. Me halem

I’m not hungry, I’ve already eaten

Kames te peas akh kafa?

Would you like a coffee?

Sahka avel mišto.

I would like that, thank you.

Sostar avilean mande ?

Why have you come to me?

Kamau te sitiau te dau duma romanes.

I want to learn romanes language

San studento?

Are you a student?

Manga si manga drago e romaii šib.

I’m very found of romanes language.

Kames te jeas man? a ando foro?.

Do you want to go with me in the city?

Kamau te jeau tusa ando foro.

I would like going with you.

Sode ašes ande Romania ?

How long would you stay in Romania

Mai si tu phral?

Do you have any brothers?

Si ma dui pheia thai iekh phral.

I have two sisters and a brother

On den duma romanes?

Do they speak romanes?

Akana me jeautar khara ka si reat

Well I’m leaving now.

Jea le Devllesa!

Go with God!

Aš le devllesa!

Remain with God!